The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice. This journey is narrated by intimate conversations with artists, engineers and producers about the philosophy of their work and the intent behind each musical note they create.

This film is an invitation for music fans to rediscover the intricacies and details available in their favorite recordings. The Art of Listening is the beginning of a conversation of how the quality of our listening experiences define the medium. 



Alex DeTurk
Alyssa Bonagura
Andrew Scheps
Antonio Sanchez
Christopher Willits
Dave Smith
David Chesky
Ethan Diamond
Gabriel Roth
Gaby Moreno
Gustavo Santaolalla
Hans Zimmer

Hiatus Kaiyote
Holly Williams
Ian Schneller
Jack Douglas
James Brown
Jason Bentley
Jean Larrivée
John Luther Adams
John McBride
John Storyk
Jonathan Galkin
Kaki King
Kamasi Washington

Marc Weinstein
Mark de Clive-Lowe
Mike Milosh
Reggie Watts
Shunsuke Shiomi
Steve Guttenberg
Steve Vai
The Chainsmokers
Tim Westergren
Todd Simon
Tomoaki Sato
Tomoaki Takuma
Warren Huart



The Art of Listening (Original Score Soundtrack) is a collection of 10 cinematic vignettes created to color the scenes of the feature music documentary The Art of Listening. As the film narrates the journey sound takes, from imagination and composition into a physical experience, the music embodies a sense of depth and reverence for the creative process. This work was composed as improvisations with Moog Guitar, analog gear, and a tape machine, while watching each scene in the film. The moody guitar lines, and rich chords, take on a kind of warm light in the film, expressing a timeless tone and texture of sound.

Composed, mixed and mastered by Christopher Willits at the Overlap Studio in Oakland CA. "Winding" mastered by Scott Hansen and Christopher Willits. 




Sebastian Weinberg - Producer

Sebastian is a New York based producer. Working at Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets, he produced and managed multiple films, television programs and short-form content. Previous projects include 7 Deadly Sins, Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, Dark Horse Nation, Losing It with John Stamos, Mansome , The Dotted Line, A Day In The Life , Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope , and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Christopher Willits - Composer

Christopher is a grammy nominated musician, visual artist and teacher who believes that music and art can catalyze inner change. Willits combines his guitar-based ambient electronic music and his own filmmaking into immersive audiovisual experiences. Multiple solo albums and collaborations with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tycho, have accounted for a diverse catalog of over 25 albums over the          last 15 years. Willits is the founder of the music and education platform Overlap, and Envelop, a 3D          immersive audio platform currently constructing a venue in San Francisco.

Steve Boeddecker - Re-recording Mixer & Sound Design

Steve Boeddeker joined Skywalker Sound in 1995 as an assistant sound designer for The Frighteners and Mars Attacks!  He began his career in sound creating high end audio libraries for digital sampling keyboards at companies such as Emu, Akai and Roland.  He did freelance CD mastering and was a professional products manager for Digidesign/AVID.  While at the Saul Zaentz Film Company Boeddeker did sound design for his first feature film project, David Fincher’s thriller Seven

  Boeddeker studied computer engineering and electronic/computer music at University of California     San Diego and University of California Santa Barbara, graduating in 1988.

  Past film projects include Creed, Bridge of Spies, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Pixels,         Chappie, A Most Violent Year, All is Lost, Lincoln, Beasts of the Southern Wild, TRON: Legacy.



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